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Soft Skills
      Why is it important to train       people in soft skills?

           Technical skills may get you the job,

           but soft skills can make or break your career.

Tomorrow's Media Trained Today

The South African media industry – and broadcast in particular – is facing change as it has never experienced before. The media industry needs new skills – skills that have never existed before. Learning needs a new approach, with new knowledge and new competencies. People entering, as well as those already working in this industry need an educational institution that researches change and future trends; that draws on those with the hands-on, up-to-date experience; and that can see what skills will be needed a year or more in advance.

Rival of digital technology has revolutionised all broadcast. The number of radio stations and television channels has mushroomed. Audiences have so much choice today. Audiences and broadcasters alike now also have digital internet and social media with which they can augment their entertainment experiences.



In the Spotlight

For those with ambitious aspirations

The media is one of the careers of choice among young people. They want to be able to express themselves, and to do so through excellence in a career. Most dream of a career in acting or directing as these are the two professions they are exposed to the most on television.

But these are only a tiny fraction of the satisfying paths for life-long learning. eAcademy caters for the full range of career opportunities. It champions the media sector with information to school-leavers, and promotes training to aspirants in every corner of the country.

For those who want to get further

The eAcademy research activities, through first-hand contact in the progressive workplace, converts new technologies, techniques, and audience developments into training for workplace skills.

eAcademy conducts specialist courses tailored to upgrade professionals in this ever-changing and fluid media landscape. eAcademy is not a place to study the past in depth. It's a place to participate in the future.