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The eAcademy's vision is to train in all aspects of audio and visual broadcast including new media. Below is a list of programmes to be offered by the eAcademy.

This list is just a selection.

eAcademy Courses

Course Name Focus SAQA Unit Standard NQF Level Course Code
Business Writing Writing for Business Purposes 12153 4 SOF001
Customer Care Care for and Liaise with a range of Customers of a Business 246740
Communication Skills Effective Communication in the Workplace 119462 4 SOF003
Managing Conflict Design and Implement Plans to Deal with Conflict Situations in the Workplace 114226 5 SOF004
Interpersonal Skills Interpersonal and Communication Skills 115791 5 SOF005
Teamwork/Building Work as a Project Team Member 120379 4 SOF006
Time Management Management of Time: Monitor, Evaluate and Communicate Simple Project Schedules 15234 5 SOF007
Presentation Skills Presenting with confidence 119459 4 SOF008
Interviewing Skills Conducting interviews towards recruiting and selecting the right staff 119462 4 SOF009
Emotional Intelligence How to becoming more emotionally mature and to manage these competencies better in the workplace 119510 5 SOF010
Sales Mate an Advertising Sales Training Course Broaden and deepen a person's understanding of the importance of the sales process and how it affects organisations N/A N/A SOF011
Workplace Etiquette Becoming more conversant with issues of ethics, values and etiquette and to manage these competencies better in the workplace N/A N/A SOF012
Whole Brain Learning Skills on how to harness the power of the brain to allow individuals to realise their full potential of the brain N/A N/A SOF013
Course Name Focus SAQA Unit Standard NQF Level Course Code
Assessor Conduct Outcomes-Based Assessments 115753 5 ETD001
Facilitator: Training Groups Train the Trainer: Facilitate Learning Using a Variety of Given Methodologies 117871 5 ETD002
Moderator Moderate Outcomes-based Assessment 115759 6 ETD003
Train the Trainer (Coaching on the Job) Perform on-to-one-Training on the Job 117877 3 ETD004
Mentoring Provide aspiring mentors with the information and tools necessary to be effective as a mentor in the workplace 117865 4 ETD005
Course Name Focus SAQA Unit Standard NQF Level Course Code
Diversity and Change Management Understanding the importance of diversity and change management in creating a conducive working environment 15233 5 MAN001
Management Development for New Managers Implementing essential skills for new managers to be more effective in the workplace 242813 4 MAN002
Certificate in Broadcast Management Management development on various levels     MAN004
Management Advancement Programme The post graduate programme is designed to developing competent managers, and has a special focus on leadership skills and personal development through experiential learning     MAN007
Disciplinary Skills for Managers This comprehensive focus on enabling managers to do the following:
• Chair disciplinary hearings effectively
• Initiate and prosecute disciplinary hearings effectively
N/A N/A MAN009
Finance for Non Finance Managers The course intends to equip non-financial managers with the basic tools to grasp the concept of financial management 114738
Managing Workflows Implementing innovative, efficient and consistently quality driven workflows in all parts of the media value chain 242813 4 MAN012
Creative Leadership Leading and Managing Creative & Diverse Teams 15231 5 MAN014
Course Name Focus SAQA Unit Standard NQF Level Course Code
Basics of Audio and Video Understanding how Audio and Video works in the Broadcast environment 243962 5 TEC002
Social Media- Beginners To introduce individuals to the tools of Social Media and how Social Media can provide solutions to both common and complex business challenges 119469
Social Media- Advance Provide individuals with knowledge to navigate the digital world to create unique opportunities for the organisation and to reach their organisation goals better 115792 5 TEC004
Television Production Operations Further Education & Training Certificate in Television Production Operations 61450 4 TEC005
Television Productions National Certificate in Television Productions 58394 5 TEC006
Video Editing: Introduction Starting out as a Video Editor 117534
Video Editing: intermediate Stepping out beyond just a Video Editor 243973 5 TEC008
Television Interviews Being Interviewed for Television 115790 5 TEC010
Essentials of Broadcast Management This NQF Level 7 Aligned, Certificate of Competence programme comprises of seven sourses of study     TEC014
Essentials of Digital Media Management This NQF Level 7 Aligned, Certificate of Competence programme comprises of seven sourses of study     TEC015
MOPRO: Mobile Productions Producing video content using a Mobile Device N/A N/A TEC020
Writing Standard Operating Procedures How to Write a Standard Operating Procedure 252024 5 TEC023

Industry specific training programmes

With industry experts designing and conducting training, the eAcademy offers a range of short courses within the technical and managerial disciplines of broadcast. Contact us to discuss your specific training needs.

Short courses

  • Producing
  • Production management
  • Studio directing
  • Floor management
  • All operations
  • Make up
  • Costumes
  • Settings and scenery
  • Art directing
  • Media buying
  • Setting advertising rates
  • Sales and selling
  • Audience research for advertising
  • Traffic management
  • News Editing
  • News directing
  • News reading
  • Sub editing
  • News reporting
  • Journalism
  • News research
  • Versioning
  • Repurposing
  • Subtitling
  • Dubbing
  • Advertising programmes
  • Marketing to advertisers and sponsors
  • PR and publicity on programmes
  • Community Affairs
  • Outreach
  • Media Law
  • Regulatory Affairs